2/11 Events

ONE DAY. ONE MISSION. 100 EVENTS. If you can host one, sign up here.

February 11, 2011

This Valentine’s Weekend…Put your heart….in the right place.

One hundred global events mark the wind-down of Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week, reinforcing the crusade against heart disease and heart defects in children as a year-round 24/7 battle.  To request a press release for your event, email: annamarie@1in100.org.

Take a look at the most recent 1in100 Global Events Roster

1. Annamarie & Paul Saarinen

In honor of Eve Isley and those who Do More everywhere.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

2. Rachel Boyum

In honor of Maggie Stewart

Lakeville, Minnesota

3. Amber Teater Schmidt

In honor of the 4th anniversary of Kyleigh’s Open Heart Surgery

Lexington. KY

4. Kristina Daugherty

In honor of heart warrior Aiden (tricuspid atresia – 6 months old, glenn scheduled for March 2010)

St, Louis, MO

5. Kristin Uchida Collier

In honor of Khloe and everyone dealing with CHDs

Denver, CO

6. Kristi Bono Pena

Richland, MS

7. Karla Hider

In honor of angel Isla (dilated cardiomyopathy and mitral valve regurgitation)

Cambridge, United Kingdom

8. Kristine Brite McCormick

In honor of angel Cora

Indianapolis, IN

9. Jessica Twigg

In honor of angel Ethin


10. Lisa Roseman Brancato

In honor of

Chicago, IL

11. Michelle Shannon

Omaha, NE/Council Bluffs, IA

12. Amber Whitman

In honor of Addison and Cora

Franklin, IN

13. Isabelle & Ron Ouimette

In honor of Andre & heart families everywhere

Danvers, MA

14. Melissa Dickerson

In honor of Alyssa Rose
Folsom (Sacramento area), CA

15. Holly Beckert

In honor or Nolan (TOF, now 28 months – open heart surgery at Boston’s children’s hospital Dec ’07 when he was 3 months old)

Burlington, VT

16. Abby Whaley

In honor of angel Allie

Raleigh, NC

17. Laurel Hubert

In honor of Lyla’s first heart birthday

18. Ann Thompson

In honor of Eve

Emmons, Minnesota

19. Josh & Jenny Madigan

In honor of Maddie and Eve

Rosemount, Minnesota

20. Audra Grunwaldt

In honor of Ben

Souix Falls, South Dakota

21. Grete Lekanger

In honor of angel babies

Oslo, Norway

22. Richard & Carolyn Gray

In honor of hearts everywhere

Carmel, CA

23. Bonnie Burkert

In honor of Eve

Los Angeles, CA

24. The Heart of a Child event (Mary Brown)

Benefiting the Cardiovascular Surgery Dept at Children’s Hospital of Michigan

25. Levi & Tracy Beers

In honor of angel Aiden
Denver, CO

26. Tracy Dougherty

In honor of Eve

Centerville, Iowa

27. Kelli Carlson/ Helping Hands, Healing Hearts

In honor of Will and heart kids (CHD Week Cookie Swap, arts & crafts, CHS Facts, heart walk sign ups and more)

Pawtucket, Rhode Island

28. Doug & Gretchen Kingland

In honor of Eve

Northwood, Iowa

29. Melissa Hingos

In honor of Jack & Eve

Raleigh, NC

30. Rene Saarinen

In honor of Eve

Hibbing, MN

31. Tom Reynolds

In honor of friends fighting CHD

Eagle, CO

32. Holly Anderson

Brooklyn Park, MN

33. Kris Huson

In honor of Eve

Minneapolis, MN

34. Monique Bowersox

In honor or Eve

Rochester, MN

35. Tony Weisshauer

In honor of pediatric heart patients

Des Moines, IA

36. Denise Sanders

In honor of Michael

Clearwater, FL

37. International Children’s Heart Foundation (Charles Miller)

Chicago, IL

38. Mollie Scott Stewart

In honor of angel Maggie

Henderson, NV

39. Children’s Heart Foundation of Nevada

“The Sweetest Day” event for heart families

Las Vegas, NV

40. Midwest Heart Connection (contact: Starlae Hein)

Omaha, NE

41. 1st Annual Denver’s Day for Hearts (Children’s Hospital Denver)

In Memory of Aiden Matthew Beers and in conjunction with Gabriel’s Gift

Denver, CO (Levi Beers)

42. Shauna McCluskey & Family

In honor of Zann McCluskey (CoA, VSD, suabortic stenosis, BAV, slight hypoplasty of left ventricle).

Canton, Ohio

43. Laurel Hubert & Family

In honor of Lyla and her First Birthday

Canoga Park (Los Angeles) CA.

44. Karen Vieno Paurus

Minneapolis, MN

45. Mark Heinemeyer

Malibu, CA

46.  Jill krumbach

in honor of Talia Krumbach-(HRHS, 9 mos. old)

Omaha, NE

47. Erin Kewer
In honor of Olivia
Baltimore MD

48. Kristen Hummel
In Honor of Kenzie.
Mullberry, KS

49. Marina Maric

In honor of Eve

Minneapolis, MN

50. Torin Kelly

Saint Paul, MN

51 Todd Newman

In honor of Eve

St. Anthony, MN

52. Ronald & Nyla Thompson

Queens Park, AZ

53. Kelli Manz – CHD Babies

In honor of Chloe & CHD Babies everywhere

Kansas City, MO

54. Amy Basken

Mended Little Hearts of Southern Wisconsin

55. Tasha Zimmer

Brooklyn Center, MN

56. Holly Anderson and Maddy

In honor of Eve

Brooklyn Part, MN

57. Janelle Harwell

In honor of CHD babies

Lake Elmo, MN

58. Jack Hingos & Friends

In honor of Eve

Shoreview, MN

59. Lora Kitch & Family

In honor of Luke

Witchita, KS

60. Pam & Russ Heinzerling

Ames, Iowa

61. Sheila Peterson

Des Moines, Iowa

62. Troy Thompson & Family

In honor of Eve

Clarks Grove, MN

63. Dean & Moni Twito

Lake Mills, IA

64. Ane Howard

In honor of pediatric patients

Montreal, Canada

65. Mike and Anabel Odberg

Eau Claire, WI

66. Brian Bowles – The Compassion Road

In honor of heart children around the world

Denver, CO

67. Bev Bizal

In honor of Eve

Hibbing, MN

68. Brad Hillstrom

Beverly Hills, CA

69. Stephanie Urban

In honor and memory of Kaia Belle


70. Gil & Nylene Thompson

Twin Lakes, MN

71. Sue Kreager

In honor of Kelly

Hopkins, MN

72. Justin & Julia Williams

In honor of Kelly

Minneapolis, MN

73. Kevin Odberg & Family

Boston, MA

74. Myndy & Joel Lawrence

Shoreview, MN

75. Laurie Johnson

Chanhassen, MN

76. Tristan Roux

Golden Valley, MN

77. Steve Johnson

Red Wing, MN

78. Patrick Rosensteil

Saint Paul, MN

79. Tim Saarinen

Los Angeles, CA

80. Carla & Kenny Hingos

Raleigh, NC

81. Odell & Rocky Odberg

Lake Nebagamon, WI

82. Maynard & Bev Bidne

Emmons, MN

83. Grete & Torbjorn Bekken,

Oslo, Norway

84. Jorgen Siegard & Family

Frankfurt, Germany

85. Senalda Grauber

In honor of Charlie

86. Naomi Jessica Anderson

In honor of Thomas and  Jonathan (CHD brothers)

87. Nadine McCrow

In honor of angel Hailey Faye

Vancouver, WA

88. Karla Hider

Angel Isla Rose

United Kingdom

89. Casey Bolton

In honor of Parker (HLHS)

90. Christina Scheibe

In honor of Kaitlyn

91. Emily Jayne Kendall

United Kingdom

92. Leah Helms

In honor of angel Pierce

Jackson, MS

93. Jennifer Martinex-Bolima

In honor of Ava

Carmichael, CA

94. Tonya & Shane Bracken

In honor of Katie

Atlanta, GA

95. Mended Little Hearts of Mississippi

CHD Valentine’s party

96. The Borden’s

Shoreview, MN

97. Brian Schepperle & family

In honor of Katelyn & Adopt A Room

98. Dave Millington & Family

In honor of Madison Claire & Adopt A Room

99. Dr. David Brown

In recognition of pediatric patients


1in100 Online Event Attendees

Jeanette Woods Edmunds

Pamela Camit

Rachel Boyum

Jamie Hall Witt

Robin Nicole Carroll

Amber Teater Schmidt

Melonie Stothers

Amber Frey

Annamarie Saarinen

Kristine Brite McCormick


Stephanie Marlin Arnold

Indiana State

Lauren Celeskey


Senalda Grauber

Naomi Jessica Anderson

Nadine McCrow

Karla Hider

Casey Bolton

Mollie Scott Stewart

Christina Scheibe

Emily Jayne Kendall

Leah Helms

Rachel Boyum

Amber Teater Schmidt

Colleen Plunkett

Kelly Manz

Jennifer Martinez-Bolima

Tonya Bracken

Christine Méndez Ramos

Liz Dublin Herrick

Tracey-and Stephen

Angee Biggert Brock

Mary Calvano Brown

Chd Heart

Ciska Van Niekerk

Maddie Revell

Jessica Ann Goffard

Monica Hilderbrand

Steve Catoe

Hazel Hunt

Kristi Bono Pena

Skye Roth Turner

Beverly Bridenbaker Lipe

Shauna Harvey

Amy Havelka Edmundson

Wisconsin Colleges

Kris N Heather Koziol

Crye – Leike Realtors

Tracy Stotler Beers

Levi M Beers

Amanda Morris

Amber Whitman

Melissa Martin Ball

Melonie Stothers

Rebecca Ann Mobley

Lisa Roseman Brancato

Pamela Camit

Kathryn Bonnett

Isabelle Ouimette

Starlae Hein

Don Jensen

2011 Event Press

Minneapolis, MN (RPRN) 02/13/11 — 1in100 Events Target Heart Defects and Heart Disease in Children

WHAT: ONE DAY. ONE MISSION. 100 EVENTS. This Valentine’s Weekend, February 13, 2010, thousands of people will be opening their eyes to the prevalence and impact of congenital heart defects (CHD) and heart disease in children.

100 global events mark the wind-down of Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week, reinforcing the crusade against heart disease and heart defects in children as a year-round 24/7 battle.  Events range from small personal gatherings to large gala fundraisers. All events support the goal of broader awareness and action surrounding the nation’s most prevalent birth defect, claiming more infant lives than any other each year.

Hosting a 1in100 Event?

Email annamarie@1in100.org – or post on Facebook.com/1in100.

Name, Location, Time of Day, in Honor of

Heart defect awareness is 24/7/365.  Every day is a good day to Know more and Do more.

25 Responses to “2/11 Events”

  1. I will definitely be attending! Ben and I are planning a night in with close family members to talk about CHD and remember out daughter, Cora, who passed away from congenital heart disease in December.

  2. We have 31 cities as of tonight…so awesome!

  3. I’m back in town, so our family is in.

  4. I am wondering if you know of anything going on near or around Sacramento CA? If so please e-mail me happy1_4life@hotmail.com
    if there is nothing going on then I would like to do something on my part to support my daughter. Thank you.

  5. Hi Melissa,

    Carmel is having one…but that is quite a ways from you. I’ll ask Kristine Bright, who has been helping track participants on the facebook event page…she might know of someone near you. If not – please feel free to put on your hostess hat! :) Annamarie

  6. I would LOVE to have or help with an event in the Central Kentucky Area! I live in Lexington KY! February 28, 2010 will mark the 3 year anniversary of our daughter’s first open heart surgery and the beginning of a hellish month in the CICU that nearly claimed her life! I cannot think of a better way to celebrate her battle with CHD!!!

  7. Perfect! I have you down…would you like me to list the name of the event in someone’s honor? Thanks so much..it is going to be a great day. Feb 13!

  8. I am already planning on having a “heart” party that day in honor of my son (born with TOF) who is now a healthy 28 month old! I’d love to get some info from you about the “media kit”! Oh and I am in Burlington, Vermont.

  9. kristina daugherty 22. Jan, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    if there is any kind of event going on around the st louis missouri area would someone let me know. i would like to meet up with other parents that have children with chd. in honor of my son Aiden. he is going in for glenn operation in march At st louis childrens. thanks

  10. Shauna McCluskey 25. Jan, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    I will host a party in honor of my son Zann McCluskey (CoA, VSD, suabortic stenosis, BAV, slight hypoplasty of left ventricle). We live in Canton, Ohio.

  11. That is awesome Shauna! Honored to have you and hope Zann is doing well!! Annamarie

  12. Helping Hands, Healing Hearts is hosting a CHD Week Cookie Swap at my house on Saturday, February 13th!

    We will exchange cookies and recipes, have arts and crafts for the kids, CHD facts and stories, sign ups for our Heart Walk team (all our funds are restricted for CHDs), and information about upcoming local CHD events and fundraisers!

  13. Kelli, you are the best! I wish I could be there with you guys…sounds like so much fun. Take lots of photos and post them OK?!!

  14. Hey Annamarie! My last name is actually Brown … ;) Our event is with Childrens Hospital of Michigan’s The Heart of a Child Organization and it is in Novi.

  15. Awesome read, well done

  16. i am in is there anything near allentown pa my son elijah is 4 with 7 conditions he doesn’t have heart conditions right now but i know what it’s like to have a child with severe needs i want to help

  17. I so wish I could be planning one this year (we’ve held an event each year for the last four years) but i’m due with baby number 2 on Feb 11 so it just won’t work for me to plan something since I don’t know exactly when this baby is coming, but I am collecting donations for a local ronald mcdonald house in honor of CHD awareness and even though it’s not an “event” per say, it feels like i’m helping in one small way :)

  18. Parents for Heart of MN second annual fundraiser and CHD awareness.

    Saturday, February 12, 2011
    Half Time Rec in St. Paul 7-10 PM

    In Honor or all families affected by CHD.

  19. We will be having an event at Chick fil A in Thornton, CO on February 10th and proceeds go to The Children’s Heart Foundation. This is in honor of our angel, Makenna Leigh Ronald.

  20. On 2/12 we will be participating in the annual Ethan’s Run in Mesa, AZ that raises CHD awareness in our community. We are running in honor of our son Oren who has TOF. He had his repair on 12/14/10 at 3 months of age and is now doing great!

  21. Mended Little Hearts of Colorado Springs is hosting a “Decorate a cupcake day”on 02/12/2011 at Couture Cupcakes in Colorado Springs in honor of all the little heart survivors in Colorado Springs.

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