February 13, 2010

This Valentine’s Weekend.  Put your heart in the right place.  Where your heart on your sleeve.  And Open Your Eyes.

One hundred global events mark the wind-down of Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week, reinforcing the crusade against heart disease and heart defects in children as a year-round 24/7 battle.

On Saturday, February 13th – just as CHD Awareness Week 2010 is wrapping up – 100 events will be happening in tandem around the world.

There are no rules – these events are personalized to (and in honor of) advocates everywhere who are the front lines want to share what they know about the world’s most common birth defect.  One in one hundred babies born are afflicted with a congenital heart defect.  Personal stories, Newborn Screening, Medical Advancements, Heart Heroes and Rockstars.  It’s time the world heard what’s happening, what’s being done, and we can do.

Heart defect awareness is 24/7/365.  Every day is a good day to Know more and Do more.

1in100 EVENT ROSTER (updated weekly)

1. Annamarie & Paul Saarinen

In honor of Eve Isley and those who Do More everywhere.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

2. Rachel Boyum

In honor of Maggie Stewart

Lakeville, Minnesota

3. Amber Teater Schmidt

In honor of the 3rd anniversary of Kyleigh’s Open Heart Surgery

Lexington. KY

4. Kristina Daugherty

In honor of heart warrior Aiden (tricuspid atresia – 6 months old, glenn scheduled for March 2010)

St, Louis, MO

5. Kristin Uchida Collier

In honor of Khloe and everyone dealing with CHDs

Denver, CO

6. Kristi Bono Pena


7. Karla Hider

In honor of angel Isla (dilated cardiomyopathy and mitral valve regurgitation)

Cambridge, United Kingdom

8. Kristine Brite McCormick

In honor of angel Cora

Indianapolis, IN (??)

9. Jessica Twigg

In honor of angel Ethin


10. Lisa Roseman Brancato

In honor of

Chicago, IL

11. Michelle Shannon

Omaha, NE/Council Bluffs, IA

12. Amber Whitman

In honor of Addison and Cora

Franklin, IN

13. Isabelle & Ron Ouimette

In honor of Andre

Danville, MA

14. Melissa

Sacramento, CA

15. Holly

(son – TOF, now 28 months)

Burlington, VT

16. Abby Whaley

In honor of angel Allie

Raleigh, NC

17. Laurel Hubert

In honor of Lyla’s first heart birthday


18. Ann Thompson

In honor of Eve

Emmons, Minnesota

19. Josh & Jenny Madigan

In honor of Maddie and Eve

Rosemount, Minnesota

20. Audra Grunwaldt

In honor of Ben

Souix Falls, South Dakota

21. Grete Lekanger

In honor of angel babies

Oslo, Norway

22. Richard & Carolyn Gray

In honor of hearts everywhere

Carmel, CA

23. Bonnie Burkert

In honor of Eve

Los Angeles, CA

24. Mary Calvano & It’s My Heart Michigan

In honor of Drew, CHD Warriors and Angels

TBD, Michigan

25. Levi & Tracy Beers

In honor of angel Aiden

Denver, CO

26. Tracy Dougherty

Centerville, Iowa

27. Kelli Carlson

In honor of Will

TBD, Rhode Island

28. Doug & Gretchen Kingland

In honor of Eve

Northwood, Iowa

29. Melissa Hingos

In honor of Jack & Eve

Raleigh, NC

30. Rene Saarinen

In honor of Eve

Hibbing, MN

31. Tom Reynolds

In honor of friends fighting CHD

Eagle, CO

32. Holly Anderson

Brooklyn Park, MN

33. Kris Huson

In honor of Eve

Minneapolis, MN

34. Monique Bowersox

In honor or Eve

Rochester, MN

35. Tony Weisshauer

Des Moines, IA

36. Denise Sanders

In honor of Michael

Clearwater, FL

Want to host a 1in100 Event?

Post here – Or email – Or post on

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More to come!

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5 Responses to “ONE DAY. ONE MISSION. 100 EVENTS.”

  1. Erin

    Baltimore MD

    In Honor Of Olivia

  2. Kristen

    In Honor of Kenzie.

    Mullberry, KS

  3. Thank you Erin. Honored to have you as 1 of the 100!

  4. Thank you Kristen…thrilled to be honoring Kenzie with you that day!