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New Movement with Congenital Heart Futures Act

Amendment to the Senate Health Care Bill

Senator Durbin, who initially introduced the Congenital Heart Futures Act in the Senate on March 17th, 2009, successfully added an amendment to the Senate Health Care Bill modeled after the Congenital Heart Futures Act. This amendment is included as part of the Managers Amendment which was approved at a vote early this morning.

It was necessary for Senator Durbin to trim the Congenital Heart Futures Act, retaining what is felt to be the two most important aspects: the surveillance system for improved data collection and NIH research.  However, the other points of the original Act can be addressed directly with the CDC. You can see the complete text from the amendment below.

Next Steps

Based on the success of the vote this morning, the Senate Health Care Bill is expected to pass the next two rounds of voting.  The Senate Health Care Bill then moves to conference.  A small group of legislators will then work to combine the Senate and the House Bill into one document.  Since the amendment based on the Congenital Heart Futures Act is not in the House Bill, we will need to ramp up our efforts to advocate that the amendment does not get dropped during this merging and negotiation process.

As this process unfolds, we will keep you informed.

Regardless of your feelings for the Senate Health Care Bill as a whole, we can celebrate the inclusion of The Congenital Heart Futures Act.

Read the bill itself or learn more at: