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Rockstar Epiphany

Rockstar Epiphany

In this first year of Eve’s life, we have come to this epiphany.  In our daughter’s cardiologist, we found medical nirvana.  He has been smart, savvy, pigheaded (as needed), caring, proactive, collaborative.  Many days, we would see this man at 7 am – and again at 7 pm.  If we emailed or called or paged at 11 pm, we’d still get an immediate response.

Most importantly, it seemed like he treated our baby as he would treat his own child.  I never asked if that’s how HE really felt (that would be weird…), but it’s how he made US feel.

That is a very special gift.  Not every pediatric physician possesses it.  That’s why it’s so special to see glimpses of that pervasive caring as people name their 1in100 Rockstars http://1in100.org/rockstars/.

I will say this.  When it was time to schedule surgery, Eve’s heart only had a few weeks left.  The team at our hospital was outstanding.  And that’s why we were able to bring Eve to another hospital 2,000 miles away.  Because in their caring, compassionate, collaborative way – they knew Eve’s case was unique.  And that she was in the best hands with one of their peers.

Accolades aren’t enough.  That takes not only special doctors, but a special hospital.  Just this week, I wrote a letter to the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital.  We never formally acknowledged the amazing, selfless decisions that allowed our baby to live and thrive.  I hope they know how important this is.  That they are the model for how hospitals can, should and WILL be practicing in years to come. I might add that the doctors we’ve come to know during this journey are still committed allies.  Now joining together to tackle such challenges as universal pulse oximetry screening, pediatric heart device development and real-time clinical information exchange for the youngest patients.

When it comes to saving and protecting lives, there should be no hospital borders, no state borders, no country borders.  The medical community is just that – a community.  Neighbors, keep helping each other.  That’s what makes a Rockstar.