Why can’t (the information) all just get along?

Why can’t (the information) all just get along?

Dear Eve,

Mommy went out of town for a quick trip for work this week.  But it was a trip for you too….and for the thousands of children in our country, like you, who have to spend alot of time seeing doctors to help you be healthy.  Your doctors need to share important information about you, not just sometimes, but ALL the time.  Right now, they don’t do that.  Sometimes they don’t want to.  Sometimes, they can’t. Either way, this is bad for you. Mommy and daddy want to help make things better. So do alot of other very smart people.  We need to keep at it until we can get – right when we need it – all the information about your health, your medicines, the pictures of your heart, or your head.  We don’t want to spend hours on the phone trying to get those things (this is time we would rather spend playing with you).  We don’t want to make our own bootleg recordings of your echocardiograms or your MRIs, just so another doctor can see them (we would rather make videos of you dancing).  We don’t want to figure out how to get that information SENT to other doctors or therapists trying to make you feel better (we would like someone, anyone, with a title other than mom or dad to do this).  We don’t want you to wait – not weeks, days, hours, even minutes, for the care you need.  We will not stop until these things are fixed (someday mommy will make you a board game with the funny game pieces like DICOM, Direct, HL7, EHR, BlueButton, MU and HIPAA – and all the pieces will work together).  We do not need to invent anything new.  The smart people have already invented the stuff that makes this all possible.  Now, it’s due time everyone charged with giving you the health and life you deserve stop talking about it and start doing it.


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One Response to “Why can’t (the information) all just get along?”

  1. Here is a good article that talks about bundled care. Maybe getting in contact with advocate, Regina E. Herzlinger,professor at Harvard might be an option or window of opportunity(there is a link to her contact info in the article). Good luck. I couldn’t agree more!